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Clean, crafted water for all your brewing needs Our professional team will help you to get set up and ready for your clients Click here to learn about how our water can suit your needs

We are inception to completion commercial water specialists, who custom design, build, install, remotely monitor and maintain water and wastewater treatment systems that are unparalleled in design and operation, focusing on our customer's needs, public health, environmental protection and water conservation.

At IWS, our mission is to create a sustainable water system for your business to make certain it meets your water delivery specifications. We ensure that your source and production water are of the utmost quality. In addition, we protect your business, your customers and the environment from harmful water consumption and waste. IWS has designed, installed, and continues to manage water and wastewater applications at various locations including restaurants, coffee shops, golf/country clubs, equine centers and food processing plants.

Our Water

Our clean water and waste water both pass through a rigourous filtration and sensing system to ensure minimal environmental impact

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Our Software

We use in-house monitoring software to assist with keeping your water safe and clean

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We will custom build the system to meet your needs and to work seamlessly within your facility. Where applicable we will use your existing system.

Once your system is in place, we will train your staff on its use and maintenance to ensure it runs at peak efficiency.